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Sea view lands plot on Coconut Island for sale

Sale Price from: 1,350,000  – 1,950,000 THB currency 43,235 USD
33,172 GBP
39,973 EUR
335,868 HKD

We have recently completed much of the subdivision of larger lots into smaller lots.
First I should state hey that some of the lights from May 2 or third story would have seen you but many are in a forest and area and do not have Seaview. However the whole project is only 200 meters from the ocean and thus is a very comfortable short walk to the water.
The lots range in size from 220 square meters to 280 square meters.
All the lots we have completed have new chanode titles. All lots have government-dedicated 4 meter road access (not prepared yet but recorded at the Land Department) or are on the existing concrete government road. About 10 of the lots are next to PEA electric poles or within easy reach of them.
Yes, houses can be built. As of now, there is no restriction regarding size. We do want all the owners to connect to the power poles via underground cable.
As you may be aware, the government has scheduled the long-talked about bridge from Laem Hin to be built to Coconut Island. Right now access is via an approximately two minute boat ride, which is very pleasant.
At some point over the next few years the bridge will be built and when this happens land values will skyrocket on Coconut Island.
Right now we are planning on developing the project with a wellness/healthy lifestyle theme.
There will be a spa, an exercise facility, a game room/gathering place, etc.
The lots sitting on the concrete government road range from 1.75 million baht to 1.95 million baht each, and the lots farther in, which are more secluded, are 1.35 to 1.45 million baht each.


ID# 5787


  • Location: Phuket

  • Area: Koh Maphrao

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